This guide includes 365 prompts for what to post on Instagram so you never have to stress about what you should be posting again! 

– Perfect for creative entrepreneurs (both service-based and product-based) who want to use Instagram to market their business.

– These prompts are organized into categories including: All About You, Playing Favorites, Behind the Scenes, Market Your Business, Client / Customer Features, Grow Your Engagement, Weekly Series, National Days.

–  Captions are meant to be customized to you / your business and many can be used over and over again to give you years worth of caption ideas!

– Prompts are ideal for use on Instagram, but can also be used on other social media platforms!


Example prompts:

1) Introduce yourself! Tell people what you do, who you serve, and any fun facts that new followers should know about you right away Pro-tip: don’t assume that your followers know who you are! Periodically re-introduce yourself to followers as your account grows.

32) Share how your prep for the work week – Do you meal plan? Do you create your to-do list on Sunday nights? Do you use a paper planner or keep things digital?

105) Let someone on your team do an Instagram takeover to show what a day in their life is like. Pro-tip: this works best on Instagram stories, but you should announce the takeover in a post so that your followers make sure to watch it!

134) Show how your product / service could be the perfect holiday present or the perfect investment for a particular time of year.

164) Ask a “this or that” question – this is an easy way to poll your audience, get feedback, and get more engagement. Pro-tip: use the poll feature on Instagram stories to do quick surveys!