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A guest post by Miranda Nahmias

Back when I first started to use social media as a tool for my business and strategically schedule out my posts, the whole process was kind of a hot mess.

I would randomly do Click to Tweets or re-pin some pretty-looking posts, but I didn’t exactly have a strategy.


Once I decided that I was going to take social media a bit more seriously, I signed up for Buffer’s Awesome plan (which I highly recommend) and got to work, bravely attempting to share posts for my business 20% of the time, and posts for other people’s blogs and businesses the other 80%.

This is a technique that has been encouraged by many role models within this niche, and is something that I personally very much believe in. My philosophy since starting my blog has always been to give and support as much as I can, so I make an effort to follow through with that in my social media scheduling.

I set up my Buffer to post 12 times a day at the optimal times that were best for engagement on my specific account (check out this tutorial from Nora Conrad on how to set up your Buffer like this!) and got to work!

At first, most of my “other people’s posts” were just retweets of interesting stuff that I’d found throughout the day. But I didn’t want to just do retweets!

Taking the time to personally tweet about someone else’s blog post will result in a much higher engagement and that blogger will be even more appreciative — it’s just an all around good thing to try and do. The task then became to find a whole bunch of interesting content and write a custom tweet for each one.

Enter the Pocket App

When I originally discovered the Pocket app, I honestly wasn’t too impressed. I thought it was a good concept, but couldn’t quite figure out how to make it work for ME. I would save stuff, but then never go back to it, and was only using the app on my smartphone.

Eventually, I realized that Pocket also has a Chrome browser extension. That’s when things started to get interesting.

Has this ever happened to you? You’re scrolling through your Twitter feed on your phone, find something that you want to read, but totally do not have time to read the whole thing!

Well, with this ingenious little app, you can just save it to your Pocket and access it later…on your laptop or your phone! Problem solved.

(Oh, and just so you know — Pocket is not sponsoring this article or anything. I just really like using it!)

Let’s Get Even More Organized

After using Pocket in this manner for a few weeks, I knew that there must be some way to harness its power in an even more effective way.

The problem that I found was that most of the posts I find, I’d like to schedule to both Twitter and Pinterest. But my Pocket was just a jumbled mess of articles, some even totally unrelated to business or not something I was interested in sharing on social media.

It took some digging, but finally I realized that you can use TAGS in Pocket! The tags pretty much work as folders so that you can separate the articles from each other, and each article can be given multiple tags.

Pocket Save with Tags


When you’re on the page of an article that you want to save, just click the Pocket extension (or, on your phone, choose the “Share” button in your browser, then “Save to Pocket”).

To create a new tag, just type in the text area and hit enter to save the tag. If you already have tags created, just start typing in the name of the tag, and it will autocomplete. Hit enter to select that tag, and then you can add more!

For example, if I find a great article (like Wonderfelle’s recent How I Found a Niche When I Stopped Looking For It), I’ll add it to both of the tags “Twitter” and “Pinterest.”

Taking the time to personally tweet about someone else’s blog post will result in a much higher engagement and that blogger will be even more appreciative — it’s just an all around good thing to try and do. Click To Tweet

Scheduling Tweets from Pocket

When I’m doing my Twitter scheduling with Buffer, I just pull up the Twitter tag in Pocket.

There’s actually a really fast way to schedule each post to Buffer — just click on “Share” > “Buffer” (or “Share” > “Twitter” if you don’t use Buffer) and it will auto-generate a tweet for you with the article title and blog’s name.

Pocket Share to Buffer

Personally, I don’t like doing it that way, because it doesn’t include the blogger’s Twitter handle. So instead, I choose “Share” > “View Original.” This will open up the post in a new tab and allow you to find their Twitter handle and write the tweet from that page instead (if you have the Buffer extension installed, you can do this even more easily).

If I want to schedule it for Pinterest, I just go to Pocket, open up the post’s page, and use the Pinterest or Tailwind extension!

Since Pocket is such a great tool for storing other people’s content, it’s also a great resource for virtual assistants. I use it all the time with my clients! If I come across an interesting post that I want to save and share on their social media accounts, I can simply add the content to a tag that’s specifically reserved for that person.

Really, the options are endless!

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