I know you’re here to learn more about me. But first I want to talk about someone way more interesting: You!

Here’s the thing, if you’re here right now I’m guessing you are:

  • A female entrepreneur who craves more freedom, more time, and a beautifully successful business

  • Wishing you had a brand that looks as glam as you feel, despite how much time you spend in yoga pants (no judgement here!)

  • Ready to work smarter, ditch the hustle, and start seeing real results from your marketing

If you were nodding your head “yes!” to any or all of those, I have good news! I might just be the right gal to help you achieve all of the above.

Hey friend, I’m Elle!

I'm a NYC-based product stylist + photographer, subscription business mentor, crazy dog mom, and lover of all things pink.

#realtalk – I’m your new BFF for all things pretty and profitable. I love taking beautifully styled photos and helping entrepreneurs just like you grow their business like whoah!

But I’m not just about making things look good.

I’m also all about helping you implement a strategy to get you more profits and less stress.

I believe that:

  • You need to relate to your customers before you have the right to sell to them.

  • Content that connects is content that converts.

  • Leggings ARE pants.

  • Pink lipstick is the ultimate confidence booster.

  • Puppy cuddles are the solution to pretty much any cause of stress in your life.

Your visual content can and SHOULD grow your business on autopilot for you.

You just need a little strategy, quality content, and consistency. That’s where I come in!


I started my entrepreneurial journey because I wanted more freedom – I’m guessing you have a similar story, no?

In 2014 I left my corporate gig as a high net worth financial advisor and I dove into entrepreneurship, working with a number of fashion and beauty startups before I combined my business experience with my passion for creating content to officially launch wonderfelle MEDIA.

These days you’ll find me running the Styled Stock Society and helping women scale their businesses and create recurring revenue through subscription-based offers.

I've shot ads for brands like American Express and the Ritz-Carlton as well as small businesses just like yours. I've been featured on Entrepreneur, CNBC, Fashion Week Daily, and a number of other media outlets.

I share tons of online business + marketing tips on my blog and in my free time you can probably find me on Instagram as the creative director and voice behind @mochiandthecity – my insanely cute maltipoo pup – who happens to be kind of famous!

Let's connect!

Connect with me on Instagram or get in touch to let me know how I can help you!