One of the best things about running your own business is the freedom, am I right?

But when I first started my business a few years ago, I traded regular work hours and a steady paycheck for working wayyy more hours with variable income.

To be honest – I missed some of the predictability that comes with having a more traditional 9-5 job.

Like many creative entrepreneurs, I originally started my business by freelancing / offering one-to-one services. But I quickly realized that my time – and more importantly, my income – was limited. I wanted to leverage my time by creating something once and then selling it over and over again. Back in 2016, it seemed like “everyone” was creating online courses, so I did too. And from a revenue standpoint, it was great! I put a ton of work into creating and launching courses, marketed the hell out of them, and had $30k+ launches. And I did it over and over again earning more $$$ each time.

While that that might seem “successful” on the outside – I kinda hated the business I was building. I felt like my business (and my worth) was only as good as my last launch. And honestly, I was exhausted.

What I really wanted was recurring revenue.

In 2016 decided to create a subscription-based offer – and thus, the Styled Stock Society was born.

Creating a subscription-based offer was literally the thing that changed my business and enabled me to work fewer hours while earning more consistent recurring revenue

When you’re running a service based business, it can feel like a constant hamster wheel of finding new clients, doing one-off projects, and then starting over to find new clients again – because at the end of the day, you’re still trading your time for money.

You’ve probably thought about ways that you could scale your biz – like creating templates or launching a course – but ya know what’s better than one-off revenue from digital product sales?


If you can solve an ongoing problem for your clients, wouldn’t it be great to get paid on an ongoing basis too?

I've run my stock photography membership for almost 3 years now, and since last Fall I've worked with over a dozen entrepreneurs to basically teach them everything I know! I've also shared several blog posts from the mistakes I've made running my membership to how I market + grow my membership.

BUT… I'm not an expert in everything.

That's why I'm so excited to partner with 14 other business owners for the Revenue on Repeat Summit.

I created the Revenue on Repeat Summit specifically to help service-based business owners scale their biz and create recurring revenue by launching a digital subscription offer. During this 3 day virtual summit, we'll teach you how to create, launch, and grow a digital subscription business that actually brings in recurring revenue month after month.

The summit is totally virtual (so you can show up in your yoga pants) + there is going to be SO much value packed into just a few days – I'm so excited!

I’ll be speaking on How to Increase Member Retention + Decrease Churn for Long-Term Growth, and the other presentations will cover everything from branding, copywriting, sales pages, social media, collaborations, and more!

I'll also be doing additional free trainings in the summit Facebook group throughout this month, so make sure to join (you'll get the group link after you register for the summit).